The Dopest Shibas NFT Community 🐕

Sold Out in August 2021

The Dope Shibas is a collection of programmatically randomly generated 10,000 Shibas on the Ethereum blockchain.

We are a unique NFT community in love with the cute Shiba Inu dogs and 3000+ people who love crypto. You can trade your Dope Shibas for ETH & Shiba Inu token.

Dope Shibas ✨ Benefits

Our project has a lot of amazing benefits for our holders that you can see here below

Worlwide Community

In our project, there are people from all over the world who are actively involved in its development. It is a place for find a new friendships.

Royalty to Community Fund

All royalties received from sales on the secondary market go to the community fund where they can be further spent on solutions needed for the project

Always Building

The team and members are constantly exploring new solutions and generating new opportunities for holders.

Governed by Holders

Decisions in the project are managed by the project holders themselves, thanks to the on-chain & off-chain voting systems.
Project Team 🏡
Alyx Dow, CTO
Coding on Solidity, Web Developer, Creator of Dope Shibas
Landoman, PR
Chief Moderator, Boss of the Communication & English Teacher
Marvin, Mod
Spam Killer, the nightmare of the Spammer Teams
Jon Snow, Mod
Fudders Killer, the biggest fan of the Dope Shibas